Pat gives Tom some good news but no sign of the ring

Radio Times: Clarrie has nothing on file.

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  • Pat tells Tom Roy is going to ask him to be his best man. He gets stuck into the bad jokes! Eddie collects the metal detector – the ring hasn’t turned up yet. Clarrie’s birthday book isn’t going very well either but Pat’s is coming on. Pat and Clarrie remember the odd story or two!
  • David and Ruth are enjoying the Herefords. Ruth is still worried David is trying to do too much. What is everyone giving up for Lent? Maybe Pip should give up bossing her brother or talking in the morning!
  • Joe and Eddie find nothing but old pennies and scrap at the Lodge gardens. Eddie wants to keep a broach he found but Joe thinks its probably Peggy’s. Tom commiserates with them. Eddie thinks he may have one or two jokes for the speech.
  • David and Ruth agree to write something for Tony’s birthday book. They are hosting the next School campaign meeting at the bungalow. The consensus seems to be that not enough Dads are involved. Pat is planning a demonstration to get some publicity.
  • Joe and Eddie examine their haul. Joe doesn’t think much of it. But Eddie thinks the coins may have come from Tom Forest’s coin collection and might be worth something. Clarrie is disappointed the ring didn’t turn up but she doesn’t want Eddie spending all his time on it. Eddie thinks Clarrie is the most important thing.

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