Kate departs; Marty survives his court appearance; Alice is showing the strain.

Radio Times: Jamie waits for news, and George is in for a disappointment.

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  • Jennifer is in a hurry, thanks to a call from Lilian: her troublesome tenant seems to have done a runner – his cheque has bounced and he is nowhere to be found. With a mother’s perception she wonders whether Alice has something on her mind.
  • As they prepare for their meal on the house at Jaxx, Jamie is wondering how Marty got on in court. Ring him. Ring him now – that’s Natalie’s suggestion, though it sounds more like an order.
  • Alice assures Emma that she was glad to be asked to be Keira’s godmother; Emma’s cousin Samantha will be the other one. Emma confesses that she expected Alice to refuse and her explanation for this leaves no doubt that she knows about the trouble in Southampton; Ed had expressly asked her not to reveal what Chris had told him. Clearly the subject touches a raw nerve.
  • Good news. Marty and Steve have just 9 month referral orders and driving bans, 2 years in Steve’s case. Marty is ok about it and he is fine with Jamie. Natalie suggests (yes, a suggestion this time) that he gives Marty some friendly advice – stop hanging out with Steve.
  • In the troll wars, it seems that Nic and Will are winning; George doesn’t think much of Ed and Emma’s scarecrow. Ed takes the competitiveness as typical of Will, so they must up their game – not that they are competitive, of course.
  • Back from the airport, where Phoebe had bid a tearful farewell to Kate, Jennifer observes again that Alice seems anxious; Alice’s protestation that she is fine is just a bit too aggressive to be believed.

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