Kate returns in high spirits. Alistair raises Philip’s spirits.

Radio Times: Philip has a confession to make

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  • As she helps Kate to unpack, Jennifer is amazed at the number of new clothes her daughter has acquired. Kate is in cheerful mood, claiming that Jennifer would have been proud of the way she handled meeting Lucas’ new partner and coping with his parents. Even Sipho managed to stay in the same room as her. She claims to like the new partner, maybe because she was older than Kate. Jennifer exclaims that she is indeed SO proud of Kate. Adam manages to rouse himself from his usual gloom to tease his sister.
  • Alistair meets Philip for a drink and hears Philip’s worries over his burgeoning relationship with Kirsty. Apparently bees are a stumbling block in the path of its advancement; Kirsty has arranged to help Jill with her hives before a cine, a date with Philip, and he is terrified of the winged warriors. Alistair advises a stiff drink and an explanatory phone call to Kirsty.
  • Two others are drinking in The Bull; Jim and Joe, and that isn’t going smoothly either. Joe is drinking freely (at Jim’s expense) but doing so in silence. In view of his alcohol levels, Jim cadges a lift from Alistair to an appointment.
  • Adam tells Jennifer some good news about a new soft fruit contract. Jennifer witters suitably and announces that she is SO proud of him. Will Brian ever receive the accolade accorded his children? Kate, meanwhile, is longing to get back to Spiritual Home, where her manager, Lucy, has had an application from a youth group to book the yurts. Apparently Brian is not keen on the idea.
  • At the end of a working day, Philip brings a thank-you bottle of wine for Alistair. Shula offers him a drink as Alistair is not yet back. he tells her that Alistair’s advice did the trick. All is well between Philip and the understanding Kirsty.
  • Surly Alistair has to wait for Jim, who has booked his first piano lesson. It’s easier to phone, remarks Alistair, which leads to a lecture from Jim. When they return to the stables, Jim invites himself for dinner, and Alistair includes Philip. They drink a toast to new developments, to which Alistair growls that some people are happy as they are. Aren’t they, Shula? Silence…

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