Will rejects all offers of help.

Radio Times: Adam receives an interesting offer

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  • Ruth calls at Home Farm looking for Jennifer, who is shopping in advance of Kate’s return. Ruth asks for an update on the contamination, and finds Brian defensive, claiming that everything is under control. With a lack of tact remarkable even for Ruth, she mentions having heard that Adam has lost a buyer. Brian is saved by a call from Justin.
  • Ultra-gloomy Adam has gone to a farming conference, but wants to go home as he is not in the mood for it. Taking a leaf out of his wife’s book, David mentions the Price-Baumann contract, Will’s outburst at Brian and the buyer who pulled out. Just the thing to cheer Adam. When a strange, Michael Park, approaches Adam asking for a quick word, David attempts to protect Adam, but it is soon apparent that things are improving; Michael is setting up a self-help group and wants to tap into Adam’s expertise in soil improvement. Suddenly Adam is remarkably cheerful as he and David leave for a pint.
  • Emma bring supplies for Will, who has Poppy asleep on his lap. Her intrusion is clearly unwelcome and he tells Emma to go. She is clearly worried for both Will and Poppy, and starts to clear up and tempt Will to eat, but all her efforts meet with a surly response. He is working on figures for Brian. Emma becomes quite distressed, and the final straw is when she attempts to throw away something that Nick had touched on the day of her death. If you really want to help, get out, snarls Will.
  • David relates the day’s happenings to Ruth, who in turn tells him that, as Ruairi’s representative, she felt excluded when she tried to find out what was going on at Home Farm.
  • Brian is taken aback by the appearance of Will when he arrives at Home Farm with Poppy in the car. Solicitous for their welfare, Brian suggests taking Poppy in to see Jenny, who is baking, and points out that Will’s shirt is inside out. Another snarl from Will is the response. He tells Will to forget about work until he feels better, which produces another outburst from Will. He can manage. He was up all night with Poppy, so they are both tired, but he needs to work to provide for her. Rejecting all Brian’s offers of help, Will tells him to stuff his job and offers of advice.

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