Kate reveals more about her return and Brookfield settles into its new face.

Radio Times: David has something to look forward to.

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  • In the Home Farm lambing shed they’re having a good crop. Kate’s on the phone to South Africa, so Jennifer bids a retreat and talks to Brian – although he only voices his comments (again) about Kate’s love life. Kate appears and heads off for a walk – Debbie goes with her.
  • Jill admits to Shula her relief at there finally being a decision. Phil and David are much happier too, all they now need do is wait for David’s return to fitness. Nigel appears … reporting that Elizabeth seemed a little quiet.
  • On their walk Kate reveals more about Lucas – he’s a radio journalist in Cape Town, but he needs to move to Jo’burg if his career is to progress – and Kate doesn’t want to live there, so came home.