Kathy does not want it all.

Radio Times: Kathy does not want it all.

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  • Hayley fails to catch Kathy before she’s left for her first day at Lower Loxley, but Pat and Tony are there – and she’s very happy to have their seal of approval on her engagement.
  • No sooner is Kathy there than she’s brimming with ideas for the café – and for the shop, although Elizabeth is looking after that for the momrent.
  • Pat and Tony visit David – and they all end up discussing which breed of cattle might be best for Brookfield.
  • Nigel’s still on at Elizabeth to slow down, but she’s adamant that her family is the cause of more stress than Lower Loxley – while she might have accepted her father’s decision she need not to like it.
  • At Bridge Farm, celebrations aplenty – Kathy’s first day went well and Helen’s appointed Kirsty as Kathy’s replacement in the shop. Kathy tells Pat that she’s going to try to talk to Usha to see if there might be ways around having to go to court to resolve the maintainence issues.