Matt has Brian on the back foot, and Janet’s defensive to Tim, too.

Radio Times: Someone is less than loyal.

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  • David’s getting better – but will be out of action for about six weeks. Ruth’s almost glad – at least she’s out of the spotlight for a while.
  • Tim is feeling a little lonely while Siobhán is at a conference in Amsterdam. He wonders if Janet’s been avoiding him this week – embarrassed by his Christmas gift, perhaps? – she denies this, but couldn’t refuse quickly enough when he asks her if she’d like to meet for a drink or supper this evening. Susan catches the tail end of the exchange and, while she asks him to sign a repeat prescription, his attention is definitely elsewhere.
  • Matt’s discussing Brian’s finanical report on the estate land – and is less than amused. Brian’s going to report a £100k shortfall on his predictions – and Matt doesn’t want to hear excuses about farmers and their precarious place in the global economy. He wants to know why Brian’s forecasts were so wrong and what he plans to do about it. Matt’s plan would include finding a small corner to develop into executive housing, some Brian doesn’t think would work at all.
  • In the shop, Tim’s shopping for dinner for one as Susan discusses some training days with Betty. Janet pops in for a paper and the atmosphere between her and Tim is commented upon …. Susan thinks that something is not quite right between them.