David’s still sore and Roy wants Kate to think about Phoebe carefully.

Radio Times: Kate has two good listeners

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  • Jennifer and Peggy are discussing Kate. Apparently Lucas called last night and had a productive chat with Kate – the concensus amongst the matriarchy is that the news of him is positive. He’s planning to come across for the birth, news which delights Peggy. Jennifer’s not so sure about how Kate’s dealing with Phoebe, though.
  • David’s finding comfort an easier thing to find, as Phil comes to discuss the beef plans. They’ve done their research and think that the breed to go with will be the gold old local Herefords. Phil’s delighted, reminding them of something they’d forgotten – that started out in the fifties with a herd of Hereford’s when working for Fairbrother, then owner of the estate. He’s got a huge soft spot for them and, while he wouldn’t want to prejudice their choice, he does think that they’ve made a sound decision based on the best of research.
  • Roy drops Phoebe off with Kate, who tries to assure him that she’d do no wilful harm to their daughter. He’s not convinced that she’s got the stability to follow through, but it’s the same argument that they had a few years ago – she doesn’t want to be tied down, while that’s the very thing he craves for the child. Later, she takes counsel from her grandmother, who’s more than willing to listen. She understands the fluidity of her situation, especially over whether she’ll return to RSA with Lucas. Kate doesn’t particularly want to live in Jo’burg, but Peggy advises caution – life moves on and no decision will be forever. Kate’s sure, though, that difficult though that decision will be, the issue with Roy will be a harder nut to crack.