Brian’s still not up to agreeing to Debbie’s ideas.

Radio Times: Brian plays his cards right.

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  • Problems aplenty at Home Farm – the lambing’s in full flow and, while tending to the ewes, Debbie continues to beseech after new kit, citing the cost of maintaining the old, while Brian just doesn’t think the capital outlay is needed at this time. Inside the farmhouse and birthday girl Jennifer is chatting things over with Kate – who’s still not completely sure about Lucas and what to do about Jo’burg. Later, on the phone, she tells Lucas she misses him (and sounds genuine) but still can’t be persuaded to move to Jo’burg.
  • David’s recovery is not going as quickly as he would like – he’s certainly not up to a tour of the farm to see what they need to do ahead of the new herd. Phil’s enjoying life again, though Jill’s not sure that he’s not over-doing it. He’ll have a bit of time off tomorrow – he’s off to discuss the plans for the farm with his solicitor.
  • Brian takes Jennifer to a swanky restaurant (able to pay for that but not a tractor and, intriguingly, Jennifer spots Caroline and Oliver dining there too!) and they have a great time – they are worried about Kate although Brian, almost surprisingly, is only worried for his daughter’s happiness and won’t antagonise other child!