Roy’s worried about Kate’s plans and Oliver’s sending Caroline flowers.

Radio Times: Susan passes on the news.

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  • Roy’s worried about the future and Kate’s plans for it, but Betty reassures that even if Kate does plan to skip the country (again) there’s a lot that has to happen before then, passports and having (and recovering) from the second child, for starters. She sounds confident, but later confides in Mike that she is worried about Kate’s plans – and in his turn he reassures her that Kate’s still the flighty one and skipping off with Phoebe will be unlikely.
  • Susan, on her lunch break from training for the new Post Office computer system, comes in to the shop … to tell Betty about finding Janet’s returned gift from Tim on his desk (she found it while looking for a file). Makes them wonder, what with Siobhán having been away …. (She also tells Betty, whose training is later in the week, not to worry about the new system.)
  • Kate and Jennfer are in Underwoods buying up their baby clothes department (Phoebe’s cast-offs might be the wrong colour for boy, it seems)! They bump into Caroline and tease her about her dinner date last night, she’s defensive, assuring them that he’s very pleasant company. Pleasant enough to send her some flowers sparking rumours at Grey Gables, which Roy gets the answer to, purely to find out about his new neighbour, of course.