Tony’s taking Pat to Paris and Sid and Kathy’s settlement saga rolls on.

Radio Times: Kathy wants to be friends.

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  • Kathy tells Pat over breakfast how much she’s enjoying the new job – although she does wish Elizabeth could let go a bit, although Pat empathises with starting a business and not being able to let go. She also presses Kathy to make sure that settling out of court is for the best. Tony wanders in, fuming at Brian, who’s sure that swanky restaurants are not Tony and Pat’s thing, especially pertinent as it’s Pat’s birthday tomorrow and Tony’s not planned anything yet …
  • Jill’s determined that Phil should start acting retired and that they will be able to go to an NFU lunch tomorrow – that the farm can cope without him for a few hours.
  • Debbie’s talking to David about their lamb venture and moaning about Brian. He can see both sides and advises her to copy him – to present the case dispassionately – with lots of numbers and research to back her requests.
  • Tony’s got a surprise for Pat – a birthday trip to Paris. She loves the idea – and he lets slip that he wants Brian’s reaction to his lack of romanticism, but Pat doesn’t pick it up!
  • Jill’s at Lower Loxley and promises Kathy that she will try to coax Elizabeth (with Nigel’s help) to take things a little easier. Sid arrives to talk to Kathy – his solicitor isn’t sure that his last offer still stands. Her new job changes things – although it’s only a three-month trial. Could he sleep on whether it’s still open?