Sid and Kathy reach concensus and Joe’s been surfing the web!

Radio Times: Robert has trouble with his neighbours.

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  • Mike’s complaining about Kate to Jolene, who’s understanding of her situation – until thinking about if Fallon acted the same … she and Sid, though, have decided that the old offer should stand. It might be more expensive, but it’s peace of mind now without the need for any more heartache. When he reports this to Kathy, she’s relieved. They are sad at the resolution, but happy that they can both move on.
  • Lynda returns home to find Joe watching her TV! He was bored and lonely at home and came to pester Robert (who’s working at home). He’s upstairs and Joe’s eating a sandwich and watching the football … before getting an internet lesson! Lynda’s not amused and, later, happens across Eddie and asks her to go to remove his father from Ambridge Hall! Later, in the Bull, Eddie had completely forgotten and Lynda wasn’t amused (although Joe enjoyed his afternoon surfing for the NFU website and Vera Lynn sites!) but Sid’s back and buying drinks – it’s all over now, the first day of the rest of his life and the only way is up …