Tony gets his wish as Jennifer is envious of Pat and Hayley is increasingly annoyed at Kate.

Radio Times: Tony plays a big brother.

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  • Kate’s having Phoebe for the day – and is late to pick her up, infuriating Hayley who doesn’t appreciation having to dance to her tune. She and Jennifer are taking Phoebe into Borchester for the day.
  • Tony tries to be subtle – but fails, Pat sees through his attempts to get her to tell people about yesterday, “keeping up with the Aldridges” … and when Jennifer calls round for some ice cream, despite not wanting to brag, when Tony goes off to get the tubs, she does tell all to her sister-in-law who is as green as Tony hoped (and he enjoyed overhearing her telling Pat of her envy!)
  • In the shop, Betty asks Jennifer whether she knows Kate’s plans – specifically if she plans to take Phoebe back wherever she’s going after the new birth. Jennifer doesn’t know, and hasn’t asked, and is defensive about Kate’s vacillations.
  • At the flat, Kate’s returning Phoebe … with a new coat, decrying her old one as too old-fashioned and not warm enough. Roy walks in as the air got frosty and Kate leaves … just in time, as Hayley is furious. Phoebe’s “old” coat was a Christmas present from Hayley. She doesn’t want to make a huge fuss but is annoyed at Kate flashing Jennifer’s money around – sharing motherhood is not working for her.