Brookfield plans for the herd and Phoebe’s stuck in between Hayley and Kate

Radio Times: David plans tomorrow’s world

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  • David is still recouperating and is such a state he aspires to mere boredom, although even crossing the room is a chore, he and Ruth (and Phil) are off up to Hollertree to look at what needs doing to the farm before they can accomodate their new herd (not much, it turns out – although Phil’s not been up their since the pigs left, so it’s a little moving). Phil’s also been across to Home Farm and reports that a bored Joe is helping with the lambing while Debbie’s working on her laptop – and disturbing her wanting to surf the web some more!
  • Hayley (and charge Henry) and Kate with Phoebe chat at the playground. Hayley tries to dig as to Kate’s plans, but she’s as indecisive and clueless as ever. She’s come back to have the baby, but she’s unwilling to commit to anything more than that.
  • Later, when Phoebe’s getting settled for the night, Kate and Hayley degenerate into a bit of a row. Kate’s trying to pick up motherhood as if she’d never been away and is taking exception to Hayley’s rôle which was thrust upon her. Roy, stuck in the middle having joined the slanging match half way through, gets told to remind Hayley that Kate is Phoebe’s mother before Kate stomps off. Hayley, though, is fed up with Kate acting like Kate.