Roy tries to heal the rift between Kate and Hayley and to promote what is best for Phoebe.

Radio Times: Roy plays the diplomat.

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  • Lynda is deep into a thorny problem of room allocation at Grey Gables but can spare an ear to listen to Roy explaining the conflict between Kate and Hayley. It needs calm discussion, so it is good that Roy is going to see Kate later. Caroline is more concerned to check that Roy will be on duty on Thursday, when she will be going to Grange Farm for Oliver Stirling’s “housewarming”. Lynda is surprised: so soon after he moves in and he doesn’t seem to have got the invitations out yet!
  • David and Ruth are checking their own cows before heading off to see someone else’s: Herefords of course. They get some useful information, although David finds it physically hard work with his injuries. However, they are keen to get on with their plans, which include contracting out the arable work to Home Farm.
  • Debbie, meanwhile, is using a brief respite from the lambing shed to make progress on the case for the cultivator drill, although Kate is distracting her with a tale of woe about access to Phoebe and the disagreement with Hayley. Roy will be coming to talk but is late, which is not to Kate’s liking, nor is the sudden painful twinge which she experiences.
  • As soon as Roy is able to get away from Grey Gables he calls at Home Farm. He does his best to talk her out of the self-centred view which she habitually takes. He sees no problem with Phoebe staying the night with Kate – eventually. What they are all concerned about is not to upset Phoebe again. He thinks that Kate’s suggested day out with Phoebe is a good idea but he thinks Hayley should go too. This will be physically less demanding on Kate, and Phoebe will be able to see the two of them working together. Kate’s initial reaction is negative but maybe Roy’s plea, to consider what Phoebe would want, will sink in later.

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