The reins begin to be prised from Elizabeth’s grasp and conciliation over Phoebe may be given a chance.

Radio Times: Elizabeth will not let go.

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  • The Lower Loxley nature trail may be fine for the summer months but Kathy’s experienced eye notices that it needs some revision for the winter. With school parties a regular feature, she also thinks that they should have a good stock of inexpensive items in the shop which would be attractive to these younger visitors. And is she allowed to go ahead and rectify these shortcomings? No, Elizabeth will do it.
  • Hayley has picked up a message from Kate on the answerphone; apparently she wants Hayley to ring her back but surely that cannot be right!
  • How can Nigel persuade his wife to take things easy and let their new manager manage? The answer is simple; disguise pleasure as business. They will visit a rival stately home where, reputedly, school parties are better handled. For once, Nigel will not take no for an answer. So Kathy will be left with the responsibility of doing a bit of market research on Thursday when a school from Hollerton pay a visit.
  • Brenda may be 100% behind Hayley in her disgreement with Kate but Roy’s argument is stronger: Phoebe can see that they are fighting over her and that must stop. Eventually Hayley agrees to return Kate’s call; she will suggest meeting to discuss the proposed day out together but make no mistake, Hayley is not going to apologise or retract anything she has said.

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