Joe finds warmer hospitality and Debbie finds the perfect finishing touch for her business case.

Radio Times: Debbie makes a proposal.

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  • Ruth and David are on separate missions, she to Borchester shopping, he to talk to Debbie about Hassett Hills lamb. Ruth is also tasked with picking up a property guide from the estate agents, although house-hunting seems about the last thing on Phil’s mind just now.
  • Eddie is at full stretch in the Home Farm lambing shed so Jennifer gets roped in to help when she brings some coffee. He cannot work tomorrow because he has a job on, but Thursday evening would be fine; that is good because the Aldridges have been invited to – too late it slipped out – Grange Farm, for Oliver Stirling’s housewarming.
  • Joe is lonely and out for a stroll; there shouldn’t be lights on at Willow Farm at this time of day. His investigation uncovers only Brenda, home early after working on the Breakfast Show. They settle down to a chat over a bacon sandwich, which Joe accepts only out of politeness, you understand.
  • Jennifer is surprised to learn that Hayley is coming over to Home Farm but takes it as a sign that at least Kate is making an effort to get on; she feels that Hayley has got too possessive over Phoebe and she and Brian should have done something about it. Brian reminds her that Kate left Phoebe with Roy, not with them.
  • Following a tip off, Eddie finds his father with his feet well and truly under the table at the Tuckers. Joe reckons he got a warmer welcome than at the Snells, where Lynda could not get rid of him fast enough. Still, she put some business Eddie’s way; he will be starting on her friend’s patio tomorrow.
  • Ruth has bought more than the bare essentials; there are also treats for Pip and Josh. David too has had a good day; he has been impressed with Debbie’s thorough business case for the cultivator drill and taking on the Brookfield arable work will put the finishing touch to it. David is confident that it cannot fail to impress Brian.

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