Eddie comes close to being caught stealing diesel but ends that day on top.

Radio Times: Eddie is caught red-handed.

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  • Today is the day Eddie has promised to deliver a load of slate to Lynda Snell’s friend Mrs Watkins, which he will subsequently be using to build a patio. The delivery vehicle is his tractor. Tractors run on diesel. He plans to get this, free of charge, from Home Farm.
  • In the shop Lynda is putting her stamp on her housewarming card to Oliver Stirling, still wondering why her invitation has not arrived. The conversation is interrupted by Susan’s observation of an encounter between the doctor and the vicar across the green; they act like strangers and Susan is sure they are more than that. The rumour mill grinds on: Lynda and Clarrie are now aware of the alleged affair.
  • Brian happens upon Eddie as he is filling up the tractor and he is apparently satisfied with the explanation that Eddie will be helping Mike with coppicing for an hour, so just needs a gallon or so. However the game is nearly up when he returns to find that absent-minded Eddie is still filling his tank. As it happens Brian has a problem with one of his own tractors and needs a large amount of rubble moving today; how can Eddie refuse but he needs to call Mrs Watkins or he may lose some lucrative work.
  • The meeting between Hayley and Kate is uncomfortable at first but eventually they get round to the subject in hand, the planned day out together on the Blackberry Line. If they needed any encouragement it is seeing how jumpy Phoebe is, picking up on the tension between them. When Eddie pops in to use the phone, still trying to contact his customer, Kate is able to deliver a message from Clarrie: the lady in question apologises for not being at home today but could he fix up another appointment. He certainly could; all is not lost. As for Phoebe’s day out, well it could be good; it is down to Hayley and Kate.

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