Debbie’s irresistable force meets Brian’s immovable object: there is no movement.

Radio Times: An eclectic mix at Grange Farm.

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  • For his housewarming party Oliver has laid on Italian cuisine by a top caterer. Caroline assures him it will go well; they like their food and drink in Ambridge. This is a good opening to discuss the beneficial changes wrought by Jolene at the Bull; she next wants to computerise the stock and accounting systems. Oliver has noticed the attention paid to him by Lynda, whenever they meet, but had not realised she was angling for an invitation to the party; in view of her anti-hunt stance it is probably just as well.
  • Preparations at Home Farm have been delayed because Debbie insisted on hearing Brian’s verdict about the cultivator drill. However, her persuasive case turned out to be not persuasive enough for Brian. The party mood has taken a nosedive.
  • At the party Nigel and Elizabeth recount all the good ideas they have picked up on their day out spying on the opposition. Meanwhile, Kathy saved the day at Lower Loxley by organising a search for a missing schoolboy. However, as to the idea of Kathy taking over shop as well as restaurant, Elizabeth is stil resolutely opposed.
  • Apparently a party invitation is not absolutely essential if you have enough cheek. Ed chooses this evening to deliver Oliver’s order of ‘Grange Farm Cider’, taking advantage of the opportunity to look round and sample the food. Oliver tolerates this intrusion, since Ed used to live there.
  • Whether or not as a result of the spat with her father, Debbie and Simon decide to leave early and plead exhaustion. Simon has a complimentary word for Oliver about his house and a cautionary one for Brian, not to go near his step-daughter; Simon considers he has taken enough gloss off the evening already.

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