Kate’s day out with one daughter ends up with two.

Radio Times: Kate needs a hand.

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  • Jennifer is at a loose end. She has no car, Brian is away for the day and Kate is too, so a chat in the shop about the Grange Farm party is welcome. The conversation turns to Oliver and Caroline and the state, if any, of their relationship. From there it is but a short step to the other hot topic of the moment, Tim and Janet. So now the rumour has spread as far as Ruth.
  • Meanwhile Kate, Hayley and Phoebe are sampling the delights of the Blackberry Line. Frankly it is not going well, with accusations flying in all directions. Matters change abruptly when Kate experiences an enormous contraction, giving them both something else to think about. So Hayley drives them, with all possible speed, to Borchester General, pausing only to phone Jennifer and put her into panic mode too. Ruth volunteers to drive her to the hospital.
  • This is not the birth that Kate had planned, with no Lucas on hand. However, with Hayley’s support and Phoebe in the care of a nurse, she comes through it. So the world welcomes a new baby and the two girls have well and truly bonded in an experience neither will forget.
  • All of this was achieved, believe it or not, without Jennifer. She arrives in time to see her new granddaughter in Hayley’s arms. Of course, she is simply gorgeous.

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