The baby comes home and Kate gets a surprise.

Radio Times: Now we are three

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  • Jennifer and Kate are packing to bring her home from hospital. Although Kate expected Debbie and Alice to come as well, they are absent ‘doing something that cropped up’. Brian seems more concerned that his car park ticket is about to run out.
  • Marjory and Hayley are sorting out a trellis in the garden, which has been blown down. Marjory blames herself for not having pruned out the dead wood. Hayley takes the opportunity to discuss her bridal trousseau.
  • Kate, Jennifer and Brian get back to Home Farm. Debbie announces a visitor. Kate is grumpy to be disturbed at such a time but the visitor is Lucas! He managed to get an earlier flight. Debbie had been concerned that the trains from London would be running late. Alice doesn’t join them, apparently her pony needed attention. The baby is brought in and Lucas addresses her in his native tongue (possibly Xhosa). Formal introductions are exchanged. Brian’s responses are monosyllabic but courteous.
  • Marjory and Hayley continue their discussion in the kitchen as it has started to sleet outside. Hayley produces a catalogue with the dress style which she wants. It is in taffeta with a high neck and an elegant line. Hayley plans to check out the shops for a similar style – but rather less expensive. They discuss shops. The wedding will be at St Stephens and Marjory advises that the dress must be appropriate. They go on to discuss flower arrangements and a consistent theme for the bouquets, corsages, table decorations etc. Marjory wants Grey Gables for the reception. The date is not decided.
  • Jennifer asks Lucas about his family. He has a sister ‘Nobakkiah’ with a boy and a girl ‘Vosy’ and ‘Zinsey’. His father is deputy head of a primary school; his mother, Delia, does church community work, particularly a health care project. Jennifer stops Brian from making a rather abrupt exit to check the stock. The family tree is further described: two brothers but a third died in 1986 during the sate of emergency when he was killed by a bullet ricochet. The brothers are Desmond and (the younger) ‘Annellay’ – meaning ‘enough’! Jennifer asks if they have thought of a name yet for the baby. Lucas wants to meet Phoebe as soon as possible. He tells Brian he would like to see more of the farm. He thanks ‘Mr and Mrs Aldridge’ for making him welcome. Jennifer tells him to use their Christian names. He and Kate take the baby up to change her nappy. Jennifer asks Brian what he thinks. Brian avoids a direct answer.

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