Kate’s still unhappy with her lot and Joe is trying (and failing) to stabilise his.

Radio Times: Joe goes cap in hand.

  • There’s due to be a meeting on Wednesday about the Ambridge/Aldridge Millennium Wood, but Lynda’s not sure whether her panto commitments will allow her to make so she’s discussing things ahead of time with Jennifer. The main problem is with the growth of the seedlings and their provenance. Greg’s concerned that some are displaying little growth, but Lynda’s opposed to transplanting saplings from other local woods than need thinning. She’s also concerned that using foreign acorns could import genetic variations that might cause havoc with the local fauna.
  • Kate’s still not feeling on top form and her mother is today’s recipient of her angst. She’s feeling hemmed in by the conventional nature of her life and while it might be the lot of a mother to feel trapped and she wouldn’t wish Phoebe away for anything, but she’s generally unhappy with the same old same old.
  • Debbie’s out with the hunt and, trying to chase the pack, Simon drives by Grange Farm. Joe convinces him that Home Farm will be a likely destination but, in reality, all he wants is a lift to talk to Brian. Revitalised by a quick snifter, he enquires after William’s progress, which Brian, if not actively happy, certainly has no reason to be unhappy. Joe worries that the lad’s home life could put him off his stroke and that maybe Brian could help them rest easy? Brian pleads an inability to intervene with Borchester Land and that if they can’t find, in full, the rent that’s due at the time that it’s due they’ll receive an automatic and incontestable notice to quit!