Lizzie is not enjoying the latter stages of pregnancy and a second chance for Ambridge Originals.

Radio Times: Elizabeth gets her boots on.

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  • Lizzie’s getting buried under mounds of magazines, books and – Jill is most displeased to see – bits of work too. She’s being driven to distraction being confined to the house, which is the only place she’s being driven as Jill refuses to even take her to the gallery. She feels guilty about Nigel having to work so hard, but he’s happy to take up the slack in her enforced absence. She’s due to see the cardiologist on Tuesday and Jill wants to know the news as soon as possible.
  • Peggy’s birthday party last night seemed to have passed off without major incident, although Brian wasn’t entirely happy, even if Tommy had great fun!
  • Eddie calls in at Bridge Farm and asks if they might take posession of his TV and video for a while …. and he borrows Tom’s mobile to make a couple of calls as their phone’s “on the blink” ….
  • Nigel stops Lizzie from heading off outside, suggesting instead that she sit down and choose two acorns from a selection he’s picked up from around the oak tree in the gallery car park. Perhaps she could then pot the two acorns and they can plant them, one for each twin. Lizzie simply melts at this idea.
  • Tommy and Tony are dealing with same cattle passport paperwork when Helen interrupts with some news. It seems that her boss, Anne Baxter, is old pals with Howard Friend and has convinced him into letting them put their case to him in person!