Marjorie’s off to be healed and an answer for the sausage problem.

Radio Times: Give a dog a bad name.

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  • Hayley is preparing to drive Marjorie to the hotel where she will be recouperating from her eye operation. (She’s to be operated on in hospital, but will be nursed in a hotel for the weekend.) Kate’s not interested in any of this, more worried about her own directionless existence.
  • Tom visits Usha, to deliver some flowers as (another) thank you and to ask about seeing Kirsty. Usha’s not sure, but will find out for him.
  • Peggy’s keen that her birthday party should be a step on the road to a family reconciliation and Helen promises that her bit of the family will be there.
  • More immediately, though, Tommy wants to know about Helen’s meeting at the organic supermarket. The manager acted like a stuck record, answering “a change in policy” to everything so Helen reacted by continually repeating herself! Off the record the manager admitted that they were worried about adverse publicity from the trial and would like to let the fuss die down first. Helen was having none of it and wants to talk to Howard Friend the organ grinder, not his monkey!