A crisis of confidence for Kate and Peggy is ordering Jack’s life around.

Radio Times: The empty vessel makes the most noise.

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  • Jack’s taking lots of photos of Awkright Hall for the Landmark Trust, although Peggy’s still on at him to taking things easier. She’s worried about her forthcoming birthday, that maybe her family still won’t be civil enough to each other to make it a happy celebration.
  • Lynda’s complaining about the village’s menfolk and how so very few of them want to parade their masculinity in public. In reality this just means she’s having trouble filling the roles of the Merry Men in the panto. One suggestion is Jack and, having confirmed that it wouldn’t be to sit on a committee or join a silly protest, Peggy’s only too pleased for him to be involved, although Jack himself isn’t so sure.
  • Kate’s having a crisis of confidence. She realises that she is only a shop assistant single mother still reliant on her parents for a roof. While she adores her daughter, she’s wondering what she can do to make a difference and really do something. Simon comes out with some sympathetic noises and suggests that she needs to look about and change her life if she’s not happy.
  • Simon is using Debbie to a little extent with some drinks and a reception at the University. Her close involvement to Tommy’s trial could be an interesting introduction to some important people and this could help his standing with the Dean and make the renewal of his contract a little more likely ….