Doom and gloom at Grange Farm but Brookfield reaches concensus and Bridge Farm is still riding its good luck.

Radio Times: Charity begins at home

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  • Eddie’s had an idea, but Clarrie’s not in the mood for any more scams. About the only thing worth trying is to talk to Borchester Mills and even to Borchester Land (after all, they’ve got most of the rent cheque) and work out some installments. Maybe the bailiff’s visit might help – it’ll tell them that they haven’t got much worth selling! He’s very despondent and when he leaves the room, Williams wanders in – demonstrably avoiding his father. The clowing around has got him down and wonders when his dad is going to grow up. Clarrie just asks him for support.
  • Ruth’s clearing up the yard as Jill returns from taking Pip to school. Last night was resolved with pizza and Pip has drawn up a new cooking rota to replace the one that she’d scribbled over. Jill, though, is a little sheepish about showing it to Ruth. It was all Pip’s work and has “Grandma” cooking every day – apart from Phil on Sunday and “Mummy and Daddy” picking up pizzas on Saturday. It’s a little awkward, because Ruth would dearly love to balance her work on the farm with the home chores, but even she admits that she prefers Jill’s cooking! They agree that this could be for the best.
  • Eddie’s trying to get an uninterested Poppy to get creative for another commission (every little helps, after all) when William comes in and they broker an uneasy truce. Eddie apologises for his antics at the shoot and William, in return, offers to put his tips from the shoot into the family pot – aftera ll, they’ve all got to pull together, don’t they?
  • Tommy’s furious – and taking it out on some logs – his meeting at the organic supermarket was a non-event and he was fobbed off with an assistant just citing a “change in policy.” He’s especially angry as he’d convinced Neil to supply the extra weaners. Helen, though, is less of a soft touch and manages to get an appointment with the manager for Friday. He’ll make it this time as she threatened to bill for her time if he fobbed her off! She will, though, go alone as she feels Tommy a little too soft a touch.