Grange Farm is clean out of ideas and Brookfield goes hungry.

Radio Times: Too many cooks?

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  • Brookfield still seems smaller than ever – especially with a leaking honey pot causing sticky havoc! Some good news though, Jason has at least started work on the repairs to Woodbine Cottage, although Bert and Freda’s request for a radically new kitchen isn’t entirely welcomed by the bill-payers, no matter how reasonable it is!
  • Joe’s trying to get in from the rain but Clarrie’s bolted the doors lest the bailiffs return. None of them know which way to turn, Eddie knows he’s done wrong, but he’s clean out of ideas. Almost the brightest cloud is that they can’t sell the herd because of the BVD. William’s deeply unhappy with his father, just adding to the ire at last week’s little performance at the shoot. Eddie will apologise, but the bailiffs are going to want more.
  • While Grange Farm is staring down both barrels, there are less serious problems elsewhere. Rain means very muddy cows at Brookfield which entails a very muddy milking parlour. Slightly frayed tempers after Josh gets stung by one of Jill’s bees (another reason why Jill is considering getting rid of them), but the real chaos ensues as a result of Pip’s scribbling on their cooking rota and with everyone thinking that someone else was cooking supper no-one did and a fractious, hungry David demands his food …