Betty gives Kate a flea and, it must be that time of year, more bad news at Grange Farm.

Radio Times: Out of sight, out of mind.

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  • Clarrie’s in the shop and a good mood, she’s got a day off (thanks for her sterling work covering in the dairy) and is looking forward to doing nothing. Tom arrives and thanks her too, he’s full of the joys too, looking forward to a meeting with Howard Friend tomorrow. Betty’s less happy though, Kate’s taken an excessively long lunch break – albeit to see to Phoebe.
  • Clarrie’s mood has evaporated, William finds his mother in the kitchen in floods of tears. Eventually he manages to get the story out of her – bailiffs. It seems that there’s a pile of unopened letters in Eddie’s underwear draw that tell the tale of an outstanding account at Borchester Mills for around £8,500 and a subsequent County Court Judgement against them. The bailiff had a warrant and has made an inventory of all their possessions.
  • Betty hauled Kate over the coals for just upping and leaving recently – without a word to her. Phoning Jack is not enough, he’s not in charge. Betty is having real trouble making Kate that if she wants this job she’s going to have to work like normal people.
  • Joe had no idea about the scale of the problem. Eddie was also oblivious and returned quite uppish having had a commission from Lizzie for another of Poppy’s painting. William suggests that perhaps they should get the whole herd painting. Eddie initially scoffs at the thought of all this worry about the rent, but he’s quickly pulled around. Opening the letters would have been a start, but things are looking bleak. Joe’s in terrible form, not least the shame, but the prospect of having to sell off some of his Susan’s jewellry.