Tommy and Kirsty meet and Lizzie’s going stir crazy.

Radio Times: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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  • Helen’s feeling a little left out, but is happy for her brother as life starts to return to normal for Bridge Farm, she does badger him a little to contact Howard Friend but, as he points out, there’s not much he can do on a Sunday. Someone else does get to him on the phone – Kirsty. She’s of the opinion that, because he’s been cleared, that meets her bail conditions and they can meet – which they do later, albeit in a slightly clandestine manner because he’s not convinced that they should and wants legal confirmation. Much nauseous smooching sound effects in evidence.
  • Le famille Lloyd is releasing their young hedgehogs into the wild, with Alistair explaining to Daniel the concept of the food chain with particular reference to badgers and hedgehogs.
  • Lizzie is still very bored and, with Nigel away, Jill suggests that she come to Brookfield for the night, popping in to Glebe Cottage en route. She’s very glad of the break, even if Brookfield’s still under a little bit of a cloud, with no end in site as not only has Jason not even started reconstructing Woodbine Cottage, but Bert and Freda are loving staying in the bungalow.