Bad news for Tommy’s sausages and the rift is as wide as ever.

Radio Times: With Friends like these…

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  • Tommy’s still wandering around on cloud nine and his parents are still very proud of him and Peggy wants to try and put the whole episode behind them and build some bridges between her still warring offspring. Of more immediate concern to Tommy is a letter he’s received from Howard Friend that, due to change in “internal policies” his organic superstore will not be stocking Tom’s sausages. He spends all day trying to raise him on the phone but to no avail.
  • Lizzie’s enforced immobility is driving her stir-crazy and Nigel would also like her to stop continually ringing Beverley, their temporary manager, and let her do her job!
  • Most of the village are at the bonfire and fireworks, with Brian completely avoiding Tommy and Jennifer being very awkward around Tony. Peggy feels stuck in the middle and would really like to have something worked out. Perhaps her forthcoming birthday could be the catalyst.
  • Nigel and Lizzie are watching various local fireworks from the comfort of the nursery and its high vantage point. They’re wondering about New Years Eve and whether, given that she’s booked in for delivery about a fortnight ahead of then, they wouldn’t be better off having explosions for the christenings instead. They settle down for the evening with a book of names, the current nicknames of Eenie and Meenie will have to do – they’ve banned the use of the T-word though, the two babies are individuals!
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