The village is still divided over Tommy’s acquittal.

Radio Times: Eddie will not toe the line.

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  • The news on the verdict is the sole topic of village gossip. Naturally, Joe suspects that had Tommy been a Grundy he wouldn’t have got off, but Clarrie’s pleased – even if it means that the Bridge Farm gravy train is not running any more. Eddie’s not so happy that Tommy qualified for legal aid – especially given the forthcoming expansion of the pig business. Things are generally fraught at Grange Farm anyway, the phone’s been cut off and Joe’s complaining at having to stay home on Bonfire Night to mind the grounded Edward. One glimmer of light is that today is the first Estate shoot that William’s worked on and he’s really looking forward to it.
  • Apparently they’ve got the local gang of car thieves – not that this pleases Brian who still thinks the judicial system a branch of the Disney Organisation – a complete Mickey Mouse outfit. Kate, though, has returned and learns of the repercussions of her not passing on the message to Debbie about the Merc. Brian doesn’t particularly appreciate her laughter.
  • Clarrie’s selling cakes on the farmer’s market and things aren’t going so well. Susan buys one, and thanks Clarrie for refusing their offer to compensate them for the turkeys. Susan, though, is still playing the martyr and refusing to see a difference between her cae and subsequent imprisonment and Tommy’s situation.
  • William’s taking his responsibilities seriously, but Joe and Eddie, beating for him, aren’t. Eddie winds the lad up something rotten and William is not happy with him for it, getting increasingly snappy.
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