The verdict is back and (most of) Ambridge celebrates.

Radio Times: Decision time has arrived – the jury come back with their verdict and Tommy Archer’s fate is revealed.

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  • Breakfast time on D-Day at Bridge Farm and Pat’s not hungry – she’s worried that tomorrow Tommy will be waking up to his breakfast in prison, but doing he’s fairly chipper and out doing the pigs. Whatever happens Pat and Tony are being strong, although if it goes wrong ….
  • Usha and Adrian Manderson are discussing it, with special reference to the recent case of the protesters who damaged some planes set to see action in East Timor. They got off, but there are no certainties (apart from death and taxes) ….
  • The jury return and there is a general hush as the clerk asks the foreman if the jury has reached a verdict on which at least ten of them are agreed. They have and the hushed galleries and a nervous pair of parents hear the foreman say “not guilty” ….
  • The corridors of the crown court ring to jubilant celebrations, hugs all round, especially for Tommy and then for Usha who is thanked profusively. Meanwhile, just down the corridor, Brian is absolutely fuming. Jill’s been in court too and gets the full brunt of his hard-done-by-liberalism-gone-mad ranting. He is most unhappy with the verdict as is, perhaps suprisingly, Mike Tucker, there to drop off Brenda. He tells Tommy that he’d have voted guilty and that he hopes that he realises that every vandal and hooligan in the country will see a green light with this verdict, no matter what the law and the jury says. Isn’t it just like having vegetarians come and have a go at his pigs?
  • Hayley’s pleased to0, although Mike’s jibes have deflated Tommy a little, but she’ll hear none of it. It’s his moment and his head can be held high!
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