Kathy and Elizabeth make peace, Matt wins a skirmish with Lynda and Pip let’s out the secret of the digester.

Radio Times: Lynda gets ready for battle.

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  • Matt is a bit fragile, not a hangover you understand but a ‘tension headache’ brought on by over work. So he would appreciate Lynda directing him, with rather less volume, to the shoot lunch. He is not very receptive to Lynda’s response from the Wild Life Trust – some other time.
  • Kathy is back at work; she doesn’t need any more time off, although Elizabeth emphasises that there is no pressure. They agree that Owen has been a complete idiot. Kathy is in the process of making her peace with Elizabeth when they are interrupted by Bert with an idea that just won’t wait.
  • After lunch, Lynda seizes the opportunity to tell Matt about the adverse reaction to his destruction of the skylark nesting site. He takes great delight in showing her the Echo in which there was a prominent and favourable article about Matt’s plan for alternative skylark plots.
  • Kathy has had a good afternoon but before she leaves she makes a point of thanking Elizabeth for what she did to help Jamie.
  • It’s been a long time since Bert has visited Eddie’s cider shed but he has been driven out by an atmosphere between him and Freda: his hints about the slimming club have been less subtle. But Eddie is more interested in what Bert had discovered about the mysterious goings on at Home Farm and Brookfield; Pip had told him about the digester but then remembered that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. So what, Eddie wonders, have they got to hide?

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