In different ways, Brian and Matt are both playing with fire.

Radio Times: David finds himself on familiar ground.

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  • Having taken a look at the Brookfield arable crops, Brian wants David’s take on Carl’s visit. David was impressed and is in no way put off. They agree that the digester project should be kept quiet for now and David clearly has no idea that Pip has let the cat out of the bag. Brian admits that the project has led him to do some thinking about the future. He explains that his concerns are about Ruairidh in particular. Home Farm was always going to go the Adam and Debbie but if Ruairidh turns out to be a farmer, Brian wants him to have a real stake in the farm. He hasn’t discussed any of this with the family yet.
  • Even on a busy day, Matt always seems to find the time to ring Annabelle – this time to point her to his coup in the Echo. She is full of praise for the publicity and Matt relates, with some delight, how it shut Lynda up.
  • Ruth has everything covered except for the Sunday after she goes into hospital, but that is easily solved. She did not have a good night, thinking about the operation. Ruth is amazed that Brian has not discussed his plans even with Jennifer – juggling fireworks is how David sums it up.
  • Try as he might, Matt cannot persuade Annabelle to have lunch but he is more successful about dinner – tonight – especially when she learns that the venue will be Henri’s, though she doubts that Matt will get in without booking well in advance. But Matt has connections and he is determined to make an occasion of it.

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