Lilian catches Matt entertaining Annabelle at home moves over to The Bull.

Radio Times: The Bull gets a new resident.

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  • Matt and Annabelle are working on a Sunday, looking at a prospective development site and there is no problem inviting her back for a lunchtime drink because Lilian has gone out for lunch.
  • While Jennifer has been at church, Brian has been having a kick-about on the Green. It seems that Jack is having a bad day and Lilian has been stood down from helping her mum with lunch. Trouble is brewing there, then. Brian agrees that Adam has been marvellous over the last few months; it is important to be able to rely on your own flesh and blood.
  • Matt and Annabelle are toasting each other; Matt pronounces her irresistible but since Lilian chooses this moment to return home, he is obliged to resist nevertheless. Matt protests that Annabelle, who has made a rapid exit, was making all the running but Lilian was not born yesterday. She heads upstairs to pack.
  • Brian is pleased that David and Ruth are so enthusiastic about the digester. Brian will have lots to talk about to his accountant on Wednesday – though he still gives Jennifer no inkling about the full range of the discussion he is planning.
  • Lilian loses no time in making her way to The Bull, complete with suitcase, where Sid and Jolene are reluctantly hospitable; of course Lilian is part owner of the pub. Jolene is not best pleased but Sid felt he could not turn her away. With several gins inside her Lilian pours out her troubles to Jolene. Sid reckons she will be gone in a couple of days. Jolene will believe it when she sees it; Lilian is driving her up the wall already.

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