Kathy faces the facts. Fallon faces the truth.

Radio Times: Kathy’s conscience gets the upper hand.

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  • Fallon’s finding it increasingly difficult to conceal her feelings for Ed. She goes up to Grange Farm to find him milking, and is disconcerted when he says birthdays are no big deal, and that he’ll probably just have a drink with his mates.
  • After the visit from the police, Kathy is very jumpy. She asks Nigel whether he’s heard any more. Nigel muses on Owen’s harmless nature; they must have the wrong man.
  • Worried about her daughter’s obvious unhappiness, Jolene tries to get Fallon to tell her what’s wrong, but gets her head bitten off in the process. Later she goes up to Fallon’s room, and with more than a little motherly insight, identifies the problem. Fallon’s relieved, but worried that the Transformer she’s bought is over the top. Jolene tells her to give it to him and see what happens. Fallon must tell him how she feels.
  • Kenton picks Kathy up from work, and shows both concern and good sense. When they get home, she’s in a very distressed state. She feels so responsible, and knows she should have gone to the police at the time. How can she tell them the truth now?

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