Kathy finds she just can’t cope with Elizabeth at work. Matt announces Lilian’s surprise of a trip to Cornwall.

Radio Times: Jim enters alien territory.

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  • Lilian has to take Jack shopping for presents for Peggy for Christmas and their Anniversary. It is a struggle but in the end, Jack himself chooses to crystal figures of a cat and a dog which he calls Sammy and Captain.
  • Jim is really trying to smooth things over with Shula and even says he has spoken to Daniel to tell him how much he respects her faith. Shula is rather startled – even more so when he shows a fascination with Christine.
  • Kathy makes it back to work but finds Elizabeth hovering too much. Elizabeth tries to get her to talk but she really doesn’t want too and after a few more attempt from Elizabeth, Kathy calls Kenton to say she is on her way home.
  • A lot of Jim’s “good” work is done when they return from the fracture clinic when he tries to make a cup of tea. Shula insists he shouldn’t but he does anyway and ends up breaking a tea pot full of scalding tea.
  • Matt surprises Lilian with the treat of the holiday cottage in Cornwall and she is thrilled with a lot of emphasis on it being “just the two of them”.

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