Kathy finds the strength to face the trial. Alan and Usha find strength in their love.

Radio Times: Ruth finds a friend in need.

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  • Ruth’s boredom knows no bounds, and she is discovered by David taking curtains down for dry-cleaning. He’s cross with her, and says he’ll take the curtains to the cleaners. Ruth responds by saying she’ll make a cake for Oliver.
  • As Kathy prepares for a school visit at Lower Loxley, she gets a text to say the judge has ruled that Taylor must be tried on both counts together. Far from being relieved, Kathy tells Elizabeth she can’t go through with the trial at all. A worried Elizabeth assures her that she will do everything in her power to present the truth about Taylor to the court.
  • Usha tells Ruth about Satya’s ultimatum; either Usha calls off the wedding or Satya will have no more to do with her. Poor Usha wonders whether Alan will still want to marry her, knowing that they’ve ended up hurting the people they love most.
  • After seeing Ruth, Usha goes to see Alan. Far from calling off the wedding, Alan wants only one thing – to marry Usha. Mabel, Satya and Usha’s parents will just have to lump it.
  • Kenton rings Kathy, who has had time to think. She feels better, and will go through with the trial. She’ll face Taylor in court on Monday.

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