The Ambridge witnesses set out for Owen’s trial.

Radio Times: The guilt trip begins for Will.

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  • It’s the week of the trial and Sid is anxious. Jamie will stay with Jolene at the pub while Kathy and Sid are away; Kathy expects to be away all week.
  • Kathy is anxious too, especially about her outfits which she wants to get right. But now she wants to get on with it.
  • George seems to be enjoying his birthday party and William is spoiling him; Clarrie wants Eddie to talk to William about his break-up, she is worried that he is so quiet. Pat has given them the story that she is going away on a course but Eddie clearly takes that with a pinch of salt.
  • Eddie corners William in the bathroom but he claims they have no need to be worried. He made a mistake but Nic has gone now for good; he feels guilty that he let a woman like that into George’s life. Eddie tries to reassure him that it was not his fault.
  • Later, over the washing up, Clarrie also has a word. Nic was not, as Clarrie thought, after Will’s money but she has come out of it badly. Will just wishes he had had the chance to sort things out properly.

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