Kathy gives her statement to the police and tells them she also told Sid.

Radio Times: Kathy revisits some painful memories.

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  • Ruth has her appointment for her breast reconstruction and David is still obviously trying to avoid talking about it and is really reluctant to go with her.
  • Kathy goes to the police station to give a statement and is very anxious. She has to go back through all the history of the play rehearsals etc. She admits to confiding in Owen while having a rough time with Kenton away. But there was nothing between them at all. Then he appeared to be sympathetic to her and then she realised where things were leading and said no, he must stop but he wouldn’t let her go. And then he raped her. She signs her statement and has had to name Sid but it is all over until Owen is charged. She is distraught but Kenton tells her it will all be okay.
  • Bert is doing well at the ploughing contest His main rival also does well but he beats him in the end. Still a long way to go to catch him up in the Borchester competition though. Ruth is trying her first attempts at insemination with the Brown Swiss breed, but the way things are going, they are likely to get all bulls.

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