Kathy has deliberately not told Kenton when Sid’s ashes are to be scattered and goes out of her way to point out she doesn’t need him.

Radio Times: Kenton makes an effort and Lynda has an inspired idea for the fete.

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  • Tom was hoping for a weekend with Brenda but her company is making her suffer for handing in her notice so she has a catering event to attend. Tom thought they could spend some time thinking about veal and ham pies. There is interest in buying them but will it be enough to cover the costs, especially if they need new premises. Tom arranges for environmental health to come round to offer advice.
  • The fete committee is doing well. They have all the usual stalls arranged, just need to sort out the beer tent. And Lynda’s Who Dunnit Trail could be very popular, if she can find enough actors to take all the parts.
  • Kenton comes home early for supper but Kathy isn’t interested. She has deliberately not told him about the time Jolene will be scattering Sid’s ashes and when Kenton says despite not knowing, he will change his plans to be there, Kathy makes it quite clear he isn’t welcome and she would rather be a martyr with Jamie on her own.

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