Sid’s ashes are scattered on the cricket square. Kathy realises her actions are hurting Jamie.

Radio Times: It’s a challenging day for Jamie, and Lynda seeks inspiration.

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  • It would have been Sid and Jolene’s eighth wedding anniversary. Jolene, Fallon, Kathy, Jamie, and Tony gather on the cricket square. Tony says a few words about Sid, about him being a loyal friend and loving husband, and Jolene then scatters the ashes. An upset Jamie walks off, saying he is going home. Tony volunteers to go after him.
  • Jamie explains to him how Kathy is making it so hard, she does stuff that doesn’t help. Kathy arrives so he goes in before Tony finds out more. Kathy realises that punishing Kenton for New Zealand by stopping him attending today was a terrible mistake because it caused Jamie more suffering.
  • Joe is keen on shelf stacking in the shop, keeping a special eye on expiry dates. Lynda is pleased to see his industry and makes use of her time there to start work on The Strange Affair of Ambridge Towers, her plot for the whodunit.

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