Kenton avoids home.

Radio Times: Ruth broaches a sensitive subject and Jaxx has an appreciative visitor.

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  • Jolene wants to get back to normality so doesn’t need Lilian to help today. Lilian is unsure she’s ready, which seems borne out when Ruth tries to discuss a beer tent for the fete.
  • Kathy tells Kenton how she wishes he had been there yesterday for Jamie. Kenton says it is too late now and leaves for work where Lilian thinks he’s found his true metier. Kenton calls Kathy to say he won’t be home for dinner. She tries to start a discussion about this morning but Kenton says he phoned Jamie to apologise and not to wait up.
  • David hears from Ruth that the supermarket want Pip to do half a day’s training on shelf stacking. He can’t understand how less than a year ago Pip was so angry at Izzy for chucking in her studies to work in a supermarket. And what happened to the girl who was interested in everything on the farm since she was little? Ruth makes soothing noises. And there is no sign of Jude taking up their dinner invite to discuss the trip. He’s either fobbing them off or couldn’t give a damn.

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