Pip is dumped by Jude over the phone. He’s at the airport leaving for New York.

Radio Times: Reality bites for Pip, and Susan solves a mystery.

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  • Pip calls Jude to remind him of the need to visit Brookfield to placate her parents about their trip. He says he is not coming. No, not tonight, not at all. He is at the airport and his flight to New York leaves in thirty minutes. Pip asks how long for and it takes a while before she realises Jude is dumping her. But she gave up college and everything for him! Yes, says Jude, that was sweet but I never asked you to. The departure gate opens and Jude says a cheery “Byeee”.
  • Elizabeth takes Pip in and tries to persuade her it wasn’t her fault. Pip’s staying overnight, she can’t face her parents. Elizabeth rings them to relay what has happened. After the call, Ruth and David are glad it has happened now and not when Pip’s in the middle of nowhere.
  • Joe’s ruse of hiding produce at the back of the shelf until it’s past its date is rumbled by Susan. That’s why he has been so keen to stack shelves. She takes his big bag of out of date food off him and sends him packing. She will just have to take it home for her and Neil instead.

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