Pip learns of Cameron Fraser, the abandonment, and the abortion. Brian persuades Hastings to sell.

Radio Times: Elizabeth offers a shoulder to cry on and Brian is dealt a tricky hand.

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  • Brian and Annabelle’s trip to Joseph Hastings’ doesn’t go well. He is not for selling. Brian returns alone on the pretext of asking about a baler and chats farmer to farmer. He points out how selling would mean early retirement, time with grandchildren, etc. It is still no, but Hastings calls later. He has talked it over with his son and changed his mind. Brian’s got a deal.
  • Pip has spent a sleepless night checking her mobile for signs of Jude. Elizabeth makes her see that Jude didn’t love her at all and tells of her and Cameron Fraser; him being 42 to her 25, Mum and Dad not liking him, the pregnancy, him wanting an abortion but her deciding to keep the baby, being abandoned in a cafe on the way to the airport for their holiday, and her abortion.
  • Elizabeth makes it clear that Pip will feel better in time. Pip wants to stay another night and her aunt agrees, and will ring David and Ruth to let them know, but she urges Pip not to leave it too long before she calls herself.

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