Lilian is to research her niggles about Matt’s latest property. Pip will be home tomorrow.

Radio Times: Fallon calls in reinforcements and Matt mixes work and pleasure.

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  • It is Lilian’s birthday and Matt’s gift is her favourite smellies. She is hoping for a nice lunch out but Matt has heard of a three bedroom Edwardian terrace in Hollerton ripe for conversion. Matt’s keen but Lilian got a niggle about something in the Echo. Matt will wait for her to investigate, but not for long.
  • Pip is still communicating with her parents by text. Ruth didn’t sleep well and hoped Pip might be home this morning. They hear from Elizabeth that she’s back to work in the Orangery, and then that afternoon they get another text, “Home tomorrow, xxx”.
  • Fallon has let Jolene sleep in, knowing she was up in the night. Jolene had a terrible dream, woke confused about what country she was in, and couldn’t find Sid to wake him. Matt later has to finish getting his drinks himself as Jolene goes into a daze. Fallon persuades her to lie down and then asks Lilian for some more part-time help. Perhaps Lilian can persuade Jolene to rest.

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