Kathy is beginning to wonder if the Jamie situation is all her fault.

Radio Times: Jim struggles to keep order and Pat tries to offer reassurance.

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  • Still no one knows if Lilian will stand for election. Lynda is sure she will – it’s far too useful to her as a director of Amside.
  • Plans for the visit of Gardeners’ Question Time are well advanced. The committee has a lot of things to do and Jim is a bit surprised to find out how much Christine can do. They need some local colour for the introduction and a place for a central feature. It would normally be Lower Loxley but it’s not the right time for that. The BBC have also asked for Lynda’s number. They think she might be a bit of a character for the programme.
  • Pat finds out about everything that has happened to Kathy. She tells her that nothing that has happened is her fault and that it is perfectly reasonable to fly off the handle at your ex husband’s widow but even Kathy seems to realise that isn’t right. Maybe Jamie is right – Jolene is just a nicer person to be around.

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