Kathy is cautiously optimistic about Jamie.

Radio Times: Kathy is treading on eggshells and Phoebe shares some holiday memories.

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  • It’s all go at Bridge Farm today: Peggy has come for lunch and is full of praise for the exquisite enamelled box that Ted brought to The Laurels to show her. She is going to visit his studio next week.
  • At April Cottage it is much quieter: Jamie was very late last night and has yet to surface but Kathy has a good excuse to wake him, else he will miss his shift at The Bull. He is quite receptive to the idea of printing out his exam timetable. He has no firm plans for this evening but will be back first anyway – for tea and, believe it or not, some revision.
  • For Roy this is a big week – his last at Grey Gables after 14 years. Before that he has Phoebe’s South Africa photos to look at – only 400 of them! She has made a new friend, Mandisa, and is rather sad that she cannot see her any more; emails are not the same; she wishes she could live there.
  • Kathy is the next visitor to Bridge Farm, just as Peggy decides it’s time to go home. She gives Pat an update on matters Jamie; she is being the doting mother and has made a big compromise not to put pressure on him about his schooling. Pat encourages her. At least Jamie is planning to take the exams; that’s progress.

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