Kathy is not amused by Kenton’s behaviour. Lynda is not amused by goings-on at the hide.

Radio Times: It is the morning after the night before and Jim fancies his chances for Sunday’s show.

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  • After his night at the hide, Jamie’s not keen to get up for school. Kenton’s not feeling good, either, and rings Jamie to say he can’t see him after school as he’ll have to work, following his arrest the previous evening. Jamie thinks it’s very funny but Kathy fails to see the funny side of it when she has to drive Jamie in to school. She does her best to get Jamie back on side, asking if he’d like to have friends over. Jamie rebuts every suggestion and defends Kenton when Kathy starts on about him.
  • Jennifer calls at the shop for soda water to make sure her roses look good in the show. She tells Jim about Harry’s website. A distraught Lynda calls in for bin bags. The hide has been wrecked again.
  • Brian’s not looking forward to the shoot because Benedict will be there, and he doesn’t want him getting wind of the problem with Matt’s ransom strip. Jennifer thinks the board should agree to Matt’s suggestion of a seat for Lilian – she wouldn’t have much influence. Brian doesn’t agree. He sees Lilian as Matt’s mouthpiece.
  • As Kenton tries to sleep off his hangover, he’s woken by Kathy ringing him. She demands to know what he’s playing at bragging to Jamie. He needs a father, not a playmate. Kenton asks whether she wants him back. Kathy retorts that until he grows up he needn’t bother.

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