Kathy is forced to consider her position. Kenton lands Nigel in trouble.

Radio Times: Nigel and Kenton enjoy a riotous night out while Jamie has his own plans for the evening.

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  • Just when Kathy thinks her relationship with Jamie is improving, there’s a major clash. Jamie thinks everything she does is wrong, and blames her for Kenton’s going. Kathy is devastated, but Pat tells her to leave Jamie to calm down, and offers her a restorative glass of wine.
  • Kenton’s looking forward to his night out with Nigel, but Elizabeth has her doubts about it. She instructs Nigel to find out when Kenton will be leaving Lower Loxley.
  • Miserably, Kathy tells Pat that she thinks Kenton’s not what she needs any more. He’s so childish, and she’s too old to find that attractive any more. But she admits that Jamie could be right; she is a miserable old trout and she is always nagging. Valiantly Pat tries to make Kathy see things more positively, but with little success.
  • Jamie and his mates go to the hide again with a stock of cans and cigarettes, and this time Daniel joins them, but they soon jeer at him when he says his parents need to know where he is, and leaves. Jamie boasts that no-one cares where he is. He can do whatever he likes.
  • Nigel and Kenton have an alcoholic evening, and Kenton is soon the worse for wear. Nigel tries to get him to open up on the subject of Kathy. All Kenton will say is that he loves Jamie, and feels sorry for him. He wonders how Nigel keeps the spark of romance alight. Nigel says he just wants to make Lizzie happy, and for her birthday he’s ordered a grand diner a deux. Kenton offers to lure Lizzie away from the house while it’s prepared. As the pair head home, Kenton damages a bollard. Nigel tries to put it back, just as the strong arm of the law appears.

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